Publisher CMS that brings mini-app economy to life.

With the new white label Publisher Enterprise CMS from Adtile Technologies, you can get to market quickly with your own branded publisher app, and connect with your customers across the vast mobile landscape. Whether you are Telecom, Operator, Chat App, Media Company, we got you covered. No other mobile creative hub is so effortless and natural - with superior performance.

Adtile MotionStore

Easy-to-use Adtile templates for your business.

Publisher CMS makes it easy to turn your ideas into beautiful mini-apps, graphics, web pages, gifs and video stories in all possible formats. No design or coding skills required. New simple to use framework let you add your own texts, logos, colors, and other visual elements to your projects, so everything you create looks uniquely yours.

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Technical Capabilities

• Full white-label support

• All video formats: square, cinematic, vertical, 360

• Gif support

• Baked-in graphics animation

• No design or coding skills required

• Overlay graphics support

• Full-screen text editing

• Rich text editor

• Full font support

• Color picker / Rich styling features

• Localization and Publisher editor language support: English, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Arabic and more

• App Store deep-linking capability

• Maps deep-linking capability

• 10 000+ device, OS and webview configuration support

• Automatic template quality assurance testing systems

• Universal standard, fast delivery

• Design guidelines

• And much more

Enterprise-level support and license management.

Deploy Adtile Publisher CMS around the world, across mobile platforms and in multiple languages with pre-built, Adtile-designed template system. You can also customize deployment packages, configure cloud services, and choose self-service options for your users.

MotionStore Ads

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