What is Adtile?

Creative Platform for Motion Technology.

Headquartered in San Diego, California with European office in Helsinki, Finland, Adtile is a pioneer and developer of motion technology for smartphones and tablets. We work with leading technology companies and Fortune 500 brands.

What is Motion Store?

Motion Store is a self-service creative cloud for designing and deploying high quality programmatic sensor-enabled creatives in just minutes. Forget about managed services that require an extensive setup process. For the first time ever, building sensor-enabled mobile creative is seamless, simple to execute, and completely self-service. Additionally, the Adtile Motion Store includes full design guidelines and a real-time motion analytics for viewing performance, dynamic ad A/B testing and making creative adjustments mid-campaign.

What is MotionStack?

MotionStack is a library for developers wishing to build a motion experience from the ground up. It contains a discussion of the Adtile technologies used to create Motion Ads, an API reference and a walkthrough guide to creating a motion creative. Adtile’s software is able to capture a wide range of general motions, and giving the user freedom to move how they feel natural. On top of this generality, our vast motion library classifies particular types of motions and their system response. Developers can use Adtile’s motion library as a user manual for incorporating gestures and motions into their experiences.

Do you need Adtile SDK’s?

Adtile native SDKs are not needed. Motion technology supports custom and industry standard ad formats for both iOS and Android devices. Adtile Motion Ads are presented in WebViews and built using the standard web technologies—we have developed our motion software to be included and bundled with Motion Ads. It allows you to run ads on MRAID compatible SDKs and on standard mobile web tags.

Do you need Adtile’s ad server?

Adtile’s ad server is not needed. Motion Store generates a standard mobile web or MRAID tags which can be served from any major ad server.

Adtile API

Do you want to deep integrate your service with Motion Store? Get in touch. We’ll help guide you in the right direction and provide you with additional resources you may need along the way.

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