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Adtile is a patented publishing and advertising solution pioneered for the mobile industry. The solution has an entirely new and delightful experience that embraces the needs of the end user. We designed everything around flight dynamics, hardware sensors, collection of data API’s, carefully controlled human interface and organic forms of nature.

Adtile Motion Ad

The world's largest selection of premium mobile templates.
Over 100 fully editable creatives and growing.

Take full advantage of Adtile’s patented technology to make magic in just minutes. Our pre‑designed template framework is built right into Motion Store and can be easily utilized—all on your own terms.

Better understand your audience with rich consumer insights available exclusively from Adtile. Our real-time analytics provides details of all your campaigns and performance metrics in multiple efficient ways. From there, you can make edits and optimize your campaigns to achieve the best results.

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MREC Motion Ads

People are turning to smartphones and tablets to consume their news. Where the audience goes, advertisers follow. But how does your media serve ads without distur­bing the user experience with obtrusive and too small to read banner ads?

MREC Motion Ad is an elegant and engaging white label solution for news media. It's premium, responsive and native format to monetize mobile without harming or compromising the reading experience.

MREC Motion Ads are available on the Motion Store.

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MREC Motion Ad. In-stream.

Motion Ad Technology

Adtile Motion Ads feel like light-weight applications with utility and enter­tainment embed­ded into them. They take advantage of the smart­phone’s GPS, three-axis accele­rometer, three-axis gyro, digital compass and proximity sensor.

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Adtile Motion Ads

Happy customers include:

Happy customers

We are redefining sensor technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible. Our unique culture is the key to our success. Our small teams are bold enough to attempt something that hasn’t been done before. We’re not big on titles or protocol – we simply tackle the toughest technical challenges.

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